Wednesday, January 22, 2020

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Educational Goals and Philosophy It was not until middle school that I began distinguishing those of my teachers who motivated and inspired me from those who simply went through the motions of teaching. It was also about that same time that I began envisioning myself as an educator -- one who not only impressed his students with the mastery of content but also impressed upon his students the need to perform at the highest academic level possible. When you really think about it, an education is simply an instrument with as many uses that an individual can come across; however, it is also something that is taken for granted by so many. Educating our youth and society is essential to the survival of the human race, and making sure that all children not only receive a full, well-rounded education but also take nothing for granted is a serious challenge for today's educator. I possess that inner desire to make a difference; I hold myself in that light hoping to inspire and motivate generations of students to come. T o accomplish this dream, though, I will need much more than sheer desire and determination. In fact, any hopeful educator must subscribe to philosophies and strategies ranging from teaching styles to discipline, from motivational techniques to leadership. In the following text, I will attempt to touch on all of these issues and also spend some time discussing such topics as educational reform and mainstreaming in the classroom. First, I should focus on what philosophies I will adhere to as an educator. At best, I can describe my philosophy as a combination of the well-established, almost timeless philosophies of idealism and realism. The idealist in me views discipline the same as do other idealists. Handling student misbehavior and misconduct is a personal issue that I will handle with the student privately. Only after several of these attempts fail or the misconduct is so severe will I involve a third party such as parents or administrators. Another similarity I have with the idealist point of view is their passion for teaching. It's an almost indescribable feeling, but I just cannot wait to have my own classroom. Looking at things from a different point of view, I identify very much with the realist philosophy in terms of the sharing and gaining of knowledge.

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